Sarasota, FL – August 20, 2019

“Building wealth is a difficult task today. There are twelve major obstacles that retired business owners, high-income executives and professionals must overcome to enjoy a freedom lifestyle and preserve, protect and pass on their hard-earned wealth,” said Chris Fehr, CPA, Founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group, LLC.

Retire Abundantly, a new book co-authored with Chris Fehr, CPA, offers business owners, high-income executives and professionals, wisdom, advice and principles on how to reduce income taxes and estate taxes to create a greater lifestyle and legacy. The new book educates and equips successful individuals and families against the little-known mistakes and costly missteps that can derail their lifestyle in retirement.

The complexity and intersection between income taxes, investments, asset protection and estate taxes necessitate a multi-disciplinary approach that favors the skillset of a wealth advisor trained as a Certified Public Accountant. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants estimates that only one in four of their members offers some form of financial planning services.

Fehr shares, “As a result of widely-held myths about money and taxes, many are making some costly mistakes and are not even aware of it. It is my professional responsibility to provide leadership and guidance in helping successful business owners and professionals cut through all the misleading, conflicting information and confusion that’s out there. With greater clarity, they can make wise decisions leading to a life of greater success, meaning and significance.”

Running afoul of IRS retirement account rules can cost a bundle, according to Fehr. The Wall Street Journal reported that, “Uncle Sam is about to get a lot tougher on individual retirement account mistakes—and that could trip up investors who aren’t careful.” The IRS levied over half a billion dollars in fines in just a two-year period for missed retirement plan withdrawals and contributions that break the rules.

The easy-to-read book is not laden with technical jargon but is filled with real world wisdom on wealth preservation and protection. It begins by exposing how and why the wealth and retirement planning industry has left many adrift, along with the myths that many have been led to believe. It also details the three major retirement mistakes that many are making.

The book details the twelve biggest wealth obstacles that hinder those who have successfully accumulated wealth from preserving, protecting and passing on that wealth to future generations and causes they care about deeply. The book concludes by outlining the solutions, including an enlightening case study that illustrates the concepts detailed in the book. The book also includes a set of real-life stories of wealth failure and success, along with how to take the next step in your lifestyle and wealth planning.

“I have no memory of my mom. Six months after I was born, she died from toxemia poisoning as a result of my birth. Her sudden death thrusted my dad, Juan, into single parenthood and a financial struggle. Life’s uncertainties are just that… uncertain. Without proper planning, the uncertainties can derail peoples’ lives. That’s my mission and why I’m passionate about what I do. I help retired business owners, high-income executives and professionals enjoy an abundant retirement by having their wealth protected against life’s uncertainties and leave a lasting legacy to those they care about most,” said Fehr. “This book is part of my mission.”


Chris Fehr, CPA is a nationally recognized Financial Educator, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Tax Reduction Specialist and Wealth Planner, whom you may have seen on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates. Chris is the Co-Author of Retire Abundantly and has spoken at institutions across the U.S., including Harvard Business Club and NASDAQ. As the Founder and CEO of Freedom Financial Group, LLC, at and a Certified Public Accountant, he has been helping successful business owners, high-income executives and professionals reduce taxes to preserve, protect and pass on more wealth since 1994.

Chris enjoys playing golf, scuba diving, cooking and making memories with his two beautiful adult daughters, Jackie and Rachel.

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