Wealth management is a dynamic process of working in tandem to develop unique solutions to meet client goals. Together, we identify best-case scenarios to significantly grow and protect your overall wealth and maximize net returns. Throughout all stages, we maintain a focus on tax minimization.

We work with you through each of the following stages:


The accumulation stage of the wealth management process is your financial activity during your working years. It’s in this stage of life you’ll be deciding on your retirement goals and starting to strategically build your wealth to position yourself to reach your financial milestones. During this phase, you’ll be actively accumulating savings and investing, along with buying property and other assets. During these years, your money is likely going to be split between aggressive and conservative investments because a broader portfolio is a good risk management strategy. How you manage your money in the accumulation phase will dictate the type of lifestyle you’ll lead in your retirement years; the sooner accumulation is started, the better.


As you near retirement, roughly 10 years before you retire, you’ll move into the protection phase of the wealth management process. During this point of your life, you’ll want to preserve the wealth you’ve attained. This will involve pursuing stable and predictable approaches to asset protection. Your investment portfolio will become more conservative and should be reconfigured to shield you against taxes and inflation. Now is the time to review all retirement investments, future living expenses (including medical), lifestyle preferences, tax obligations, Social Security, expected retirement funds, and estate planning goals, along with paying down any debts.


In this area of the wealth management process, you have retired and are no longer earning income. The time has come to enjoy the results of your dedicated financial planning. You’ll begin to collect Social Security, retirement funds, and other financial distributions from IRAs and any investments you’ve made. Your money plan will have come to fruition at this point, and you can fulfill your financial goals which might include gifting assets, leaving a charitable gift, or taking a trip around the world.


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